Cost of WiFi Extension

I was just wondering why the Wifi extension is so expensive (~$90)? Is it a license issue? I saw somewhere (as of 2009) it was going to be $16 a unit (in batches of 10,000) - obviously GHI wouldn’t be buying in these quantities, and has costs on top of just buying the chip, but its there any way to get this price down?

More curious than anything, it’s the main stumbling block for me financially as board + $90 for Wifi adds up pretty quickly when you want to make 5 or 10 prototypes of something - $900 for wifi chips just hurts. And I cant use Ethernet cables =)

WiFi extension is made for evaluation purposes.

The price of the module is $30, board, assembly, test, cable and other stuff $30 =$60. Some discount off the retail for distributors. so the price is $90. It is not a money maker believe me. :wink:

If you want to save money and you have experience in the circuit board design You can get the module yourself and build a board for it.

By the way, I have a little correct, the price of the 5,000 to 1,0000 is $26.60.

Thanks for the explanation Joe. I guess all the little costs add up!

Note that this is not a GHI wifi module. GHI only provides it for your convenience

Any idea when these will be available again? They’ve been out of stock for months with no ETA.

It shows that it is in stock right now

Where? It’s showing out of stock on this page: [url][/url]

Wifi extension and WiFi shield are completely different products and work with different FEZes…are you talking about the shield?