Cortana, Fez Cream and Gadgeteer

@ Andre - Yep, what ever is displayed language, region, whatsoever is all set to us english. But if I go to speech, German is the only language installed. Adding a language, US, UK etc. tries to download and after a few secs it stops with just mentioning error while downloading,

Ehm, ink lang ?

all set the same but for the speech languages - German (Germany) Installed, the other languages US and UK English on Error downloading ??

Verified Speech, Inking and typing is active.

Still won’t go … :wall:

I’m sorry, but I can’t speak your language

@ Andre - Auf Deutsch funktioniert es wunderbar !!! Die kann sogar singen :open_mouth:

Problem solved, is in German but I happen to speak and understand a little bit, that’ll suffice to get started …

Thanks for your help in this.

@ mcalsyn, That was a awesome video, can’t want for part2.

Hi Martin, did you get to Part 2 yet? Been looking forward to it!

@ hvelo - I will get that filmed yet this weekend. I didn’t want to do the code walkthrough video using the method that I actually used for Part 1, because now that the VS extension is available, things have gotten much easier. But that meant that I had to reproduce everything using the new tools and I have been slow to get back around to it. I’ll get to it yet this weekend, and have been thinking through a potential part III regarding using the Device Bridge Service to demonstrate using NETMF with AllJoyn, but I need to finish a bit more Verdant code before I can film that (because creating a DBS is what I am working on now in Verdant).

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ich bin ein geflügelrolle!