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Correction Beginners guide to NetMF pdf


on page 77, there’s written:

I guess it should say:



Thanks EriSan500,
for bring up the topic!

I missed what you saw,
and here are some additions

P.31 Line 10: missing l in the word Serial

should be

P. 33 in the code, first comment

missing c in the word second.

This one is ugly! ???

P. 33 in Main() method, comment #3

should read:

P 83, I2C code, last comment

should read

P. 129 Last paragraph, before 26.2 in the last sentence

should be:

P 129 in the section 26.2 Create XML, first paragraph, last phrase

should read:

we should allow sometime for Gus to response, since he is very busy preparing for the Maker Faire for the coming weekend. :wink:


Thanks guys


Page 82, I2C example doesn’t work no more, see this thread:

This code should work:

// create write buffer (we need one byte)
byte[] RegisterNum = new byte[1] { 2 };
xActions[0] = I2CDevice.CreateWriteTransaction(RegisterNum);
// create read buffer to read the register
byte[] RegisterValue = new byte[1];
xActions[1] = I2CDevice.CreateReadTransaction(RegisterValue);


Are you still wanting these corrections?


I think all these were updated in the book version 1.06


Oh - what I meant was: do you still readers to submit corrections?


Sure, I always keep a list of errors and then fix them all every few weeks


[quote]Sure, I always keep a list of errors and then fix them all every few weeks

The change log in version 1.06 does not contain the changes for version 1.06. :smiley:


Actually, what you see int eh change log is for 1.06 since 1.05 never made it out LOL

I will make sure this handled better next time

If there are new errors that someone find, please start new thread


I must have downloaded the 1.04 Guide a day before the update. Getting 1.06 now. BTW, I think the guide is very well written. I will send any correction I spot as I read 1.06 if there are any left. Thanks for the great stuff.