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Controlling DC motor with Panda II


Hey guys!

I am thinking to buy a “FEZ Ultimate Kit”. My problem is that I have to control a DC motor, like this:

I have read, that I can not connect directly to digital pin of the processor, instead I need a dc motor shield.

My question is that can I run that dc motor with this shield or the shield is too small for the motor?

Thank you very much!


Welcome to the forum!

The motor current rating is 5.5A and the shield can only supply 1A on each motor. That motor is to current hungry for that shield.

Sorry :frowning:


Thank you for your fast answer!!!

Then, maybe if I try with a smaller servomotor first, like this:

Would it be compatible with the shield?



This is a stepper motor it has to be controlled differently. DC Motor shield is not suitable for that.


What do you understand under a Motor control ?

Only switching the Motor on and off, cw or ccw rotation, or speed control in a loop control under
different changing mechanical load conditions ?
Then you need a PID regulation software “in REALTIME” with Motor current measurement
and more…

I have not taken a look in TinyCLR-Code about this problem.


You need a high current motor driver controller.
Be carefull, nearing High currents and fez boards can do electromagnetic perturbations to your micro controller. Better isolate the power sources of motors and Uc.

You most likely won’t find any arduino compatible shield for driving a motor with a current over 2 Amps.

Example of high power motor drivers:

Have Fun ;D