Controlling a system via NETMF Window Application GUI

I am struggling to find some solid documentation on how to use a wiinForms GUI while real time debugging so I can fine tune my motor without having to redploy every time I want to input a different parameter.

Does anyone have some advice, example code, or good links? The default emulator GUI when creating a NETMF window app is much different than I am used to as I can’t find a “Form Design,” view.

1.create an conection of uarT
2.set baud rate
3.on uart send data you want to debug
3.create form to listen uart (throught Usb ftdrl…)
also you can use arduino ide serial monitor or tera term

Would this help?

Hm you’ve lost me. I am using a G30 via USB debug interface. Never had to set the baud rate in the debug interface.

I’ll take a look at it but it looks overly complicated. I just need basic code for a windows form in NETMF. Is there a form design window like in regular .net where you can drag and drop controls?

i will create one example for you with tinyclros
and one winform C# also you need an external usb uart to act as communicator between pc with winform and board

with schema and example i will explain how
from board you will receive info to winform and
how from winform you will send info to board

and i belive example will be enought for you to understand

This is the part I don’t understand:

“You need an external usb uart to act as communicator between pc with winform and board”

I have a G30 development board. Doesn’t that have everything I would need?

using the debugger you can set a breakpoint and stop execution. Then you can use the debugger to change the value of a tuning variable in memory. You can then continue execution with the changed variable.

A lot easier than building an external gui?

usb that you are using is for deploy upload and debug with visual studio if i understand and it can not be used to communicate with outer interface
in your case to see values and to send values (Parameters that your application can use for their purpose if i am not wrong)

For example you want to click button on winform
board will set led on when you click another button led will be off

or from analog pins when you turn potentiometer that value you want to see on winform

correct me if i understood it wrong

You are correct. I was envisioning doing this though the debug interface but I guess that wouldn’t make sense since that code is actually deployed to the uC and I wouldn’t want to deploy winForms to it.

all code you need is to add serial read and serial send between your existing code to parse info to/from board and winform

Do you have some example code for me? I think I am beginning to understand what needs to be done but not how to implement it.

The interfacing part is where I am confused.

So I would deploy my normal NETMF code then create a separate project in .Net to make the GUI, then use serial communication? What pins do I need to connect for that and to what?

When I set a break point and stop execution, it does not let me change any of the code / numbers.

*in my case i use in my board nucleo STM32F411RET6 so i have

(i belive same is your board too since similiar code is on Firmware)
PA10 = RX = D2
PA9 = TX = D8

so your connection wire should be like this


*but take care on USB UART you should select 3.3V for pins