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First, nice site and completely interesting product line.

Second, I am a very newbie when it comes to electronics and computer programming to the point that it hurts…:slight_smile:

I have been completely fascinated for a couple years now about Underwater ROVs, to the point that I have 1 half built but I get lost when it comes to the computer and a controller board, thus finding your site.

After reading your literature and watching some of your videos I am thinking this might be the direction to go in.

My question is…I would like to be able to control 6 DC motors that obviously act differently for steering up/down and left/right while using a Playstation style USB controller. The programming of it aside, will your system, maybe through the use of just the relay board module, control such a beast via inputs from the USB controller to the computer thru to the controller board.

My layman brain sees the potential with this product, but my wallet does not want to spend if not possible.

I am just starting to look over the Ebook and the FEZ tutorial, but I figure it doesn’t hurt to ask.

For the promotion of use in robotics, it would be cool to see a Video and maybe some sample code for a newbie like me to see how one can simply turn off/on a DC motor with a joystick input.

Thank you,

Mike in MN


You can accomplish what you are trying to do easily but…do not do the most common mistake beginners do! They usually know nothing about a system and they just want to jump to the end to finish a project. You will simply get lost and go no where.

In short, connect any USB controller you like to FEZ Domino and then connect FEZ Domino to our relay board and then you can control anything you like from the USB controller. This is about 20 to 30 lines of codes…very easy.

The first thing you want to do is try a project that controls the relay board. Example already in the relay brochure. Then try to control a USB joystick. Example already in the book and in the library documentation. So, you do have all code you need. Finally, you need to combine both to make the joystick control the relays…By the way, this is a simple project to do so you can use FEZ to do that and also do other things…Like connect a GPS to record your position and much more!


Thank you for the response. You are correct, I am a newbie and trying to be cautious about my expectations.

I have seen your DC motor controller and Motor Speed Controller board, but it just seems over whelming, I just figured it would be easier to use simple on/off relays, but also looking over your code examples in their respective brochures it may be FEZ!!

I will continue reading through the literature you guys have set up. Like anything, learning takes time.

If I have any more questions I will ask, I just hope you computer gurus don’t get annoyed.



I actally love it when I knew a total newb has gone from knowing nothing to someone making amazing projects. Everyone will love to help you especially that you are reading the docs. I hate it when someone comes here asking questions and they never bothered to look in any docs!

We will be here for any questions :slight_smile: