Control the LEGO NXT Mindstorm using FEZ

This is a very exciting project. I have always wanted to see our FEZ firmware running on NXT Mindstom but the GHI engineering team have determined that the chips used there is too small to fit everything we haveā€¦:frowning:
The good news is that we learned that NXT can be controlled over serial. Guess what, FEZ has USB host! On a first trial, we were able to read back some info from the NXT brick. Irt was very easy :d

What is next? Control motors, read sensorsā€¦ ultimately build a class to handle all commands available in the NXT brick.
Here is the project and feel free to try it out and add to it.
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Very nice project! Seems like you are having fun! :wink:

Wow, EPIC! Makes me want to revive my Lego NXT

Has anyone done anything recently, interfacing Gadgeteer/Fez stuff to lego mindstorms stuff?