Control Servo from PWM on Extender module

What a shame :frowning: Josh?

OK, but even if you can’t post an image to be displayed, what about editing an existing code entry to add the image as an attachment…possible?

I’ve never really understood the need to have both the Wiki and the Code sites. Is there really anything you can do on the Code site that can’t be done better on the Wiki site?

You can do everything on Wiki if you want.

-Coder is a nice “depository” of useful libraries and drivers.
-Wiki is more for tutorials and projects

The project’s image is now click to enlarge.

That was quick! ;D Works great by the way!

@ Josh

Excellent! Thanks for the quick update…

@ Architect

Given that you’re the FEZ King, what would you have recommended for this particular bit of code? Should it have gone on the Wiki rather than the Code site?

I guess I find the idea of posting to the Wiki a little more indimidating, since I’m not always certain exactly where to put something. On the plus side, though, at least with the Wiki, I (or anyone else who finds a mistake) can edit the code, etc.

I hope GHI never becomes a publicly traded company… :slight_smile:

@ devhammer

It is a nice self contained example of using servo with Gadgeteer (which makes it unique) and it is good to have it on coder.

@ Architect,

Thanks for the feedback…hope that folks find it useful. I’ve got a few more such examples that I’ve been working on for my various Gadgeteer presentations/demos, so I will go ahead and post those as well.

Please do. Thank you.