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Control Color LCD


Hello everyone,

i was just wondering how hard would it be to control a color lcd like this.
they are cheap and you can now also buy the USBizi chip so you can then almost make a dedicated project without needing to buy a new fez.


Where is the datasheet of that display? :wink: Just looking at the picture wouldn’t help :frowning:

Have you seen this (website is down but will be up soon)

GHI is adding a parallel interface so if that display uses 8-bit parallel interface then you can use it easily. Search the forum. There was a long topic on this few days ago


Hi all this info I can find is this.

Screen LCD:

  • Model: FTP280P04N
  • Model FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit): FPC-FTP280P04N-01
  • Length of pliege FPC: 27.80
  • Driver IC: ILI9325
  • Crystal TFT: THE GIP P4928QC1-1.0
  • So large of screen: 2.8 "
  • Retroiluminación (Backlight): White, 4 LED Chips in parallel
  • Description: In the base of 280C05 for IC and LCD
  • I number of pixels: 240RGBx320
  • I number of Pins: 37
  • Type of Interface (): 16
  • Definition of the Pin Nº 1: DB0
  • Way and colors of screen (display): 262K TFT/Transmissive
  • Perspective of the direction: 12:00
  • Dimensions: 69.2 xs 50,0 xs 2.75
  • Active area: 57.6 xs 43.2

and the driver datasheet ( ILI9325)

edit: datasheet says
MPU System Interface
ILI9325 supports three system high-speed interfaces: i80-system high-speed interfaces to 8-, 9-, 16-, 18-bit
parallel ports and serial peripheral interface (SPI). The interface mode is selected by setting the IM[3:0] pins.

Is this enough to figure it out?
i thought this would be a good schreen becouse its pretty easy to solder.


The display on Fezzer that Gus mentioned is controled by the same ILI9325,so the driver will work.
Here is the link to the other “long topic”:



Cool thanks.