Control a web site?

can fez cobra board send messages to a web site.??

Maybe this will help you:

thank you,

does this need w5100 network controller?? other than fez cobra board

you can modify the code for use on the cobra

Yes it can you can check Pyxis2 source for example how download files, how request GET HTTP request and modify it to POST data…

i didn’t get "Dejan’s " idea??

What exactly do you need?
Do you need POST data(XML, image or anything else) to some server trough HTTP request?
If yes then look in Pyxis 2 source for DownloadURL methode or something like that how to request GET http request and then just modify it to POST request structure.
It use HTTPRequest&HTTPResponse.
You can also do same thing with Sockets which for me work faster and better on GPRS network but is more complicated…

Pyxis 2: