Contribution for maker fair

Hello guys, this time I am asking for your support :wink:

After last severe storm (almost tornado) and much goiung on at GHI, it seem that I am out of time preparing for maker fair. We already have the color roulette [url]- YouTube. I will also be making a tic-tac-toe game too.

That is for arcades, there will also be some FEZ mini robots. Maybe line follower or anything else. I will be using one of the projects that we have seen done by the community here before.

Now, I think I want more so what can you do for me? I rather you make something I can produce easily. Maybe pacman game using the UEXT 128x64 display? Or, you can make the whole thing and I will borrow it from you…or even buy it from you. Of course, your name will always be on your device.

… so what will it be? You only have one week :frowning: I can’t accept anything after Monday the 20th.

I know this is a very short notice and I may not get anything but I am hoping you already have something that i can borrow. Just remember, our both is called, “Arcade games - the open source way” so any interactive games are welcome.

I’m in the middle of this project,

But I’m not quite sure if I can finish the application, a week is not long enough for me due to my experience in programming.

I would love to contribute the hardware to the occation.
I can send you the hardware and the code,
so you can have someone finish the code, or just do anything with it.

I’m not very far from you (Chicago, IL).

You still have a week left :slight_smile:

I have that atomic clock/WX reader if you want it. All you need to do is put the timezone and a local airport ICAO in and you will have accurate weather and time. It deomonstrates the SD card, networking, forms, images, fonts, touchscreen, etc.

Will it work with wifi?

Not at the moment (since I don’t have a WIFI adapter to test with it) but you could…

A: Mod it to work with the WIFI adapter (shouldn’t be hard)
B: Directly connect it to a laptop with WIFI and ICS enabled. (very easy)