Continuing to lower prices and a clearance sale!

In recent days product prices have been lowered drastically on almost all products as previously announced, , and today we are adding more. the G120HDR is down to $39.95 from $49.95 and the Multicolor LEDs are down to $7.95 from $15.95! We hope the new prices will be to everyone’s liking.

We know LEDs are just pure fun so we did not stop at lowering the price. We are also offering a one time deal on these chainable multicolor LEDs. We have a 12 LED pack at $24.95 each, that is a whole dozen for only $24.95. Only few kits are made so make sure you grab your pack today.

As for the clearance and discontinued items, we have three kits with discounts of up to 80%! The price of the kit is almost the price of the cables and connector alone! Very few of these are available so do not wait. The kits are listed under the sale category. If you do not see them then they are gone already!

Clearance Kits:
Multicolor LEDs:


Just curious… Is it going to work? I, for example, see a few modules in every kit that I’m interested in, yet 2/3 of them would simply become dust collectors — and I’ve got plenty of those already. So 80% off is not actually a bargain for me.

It would be a different story if they are listed separately, though. Then the discount would definitely justify my import duties…

As we sell below cost, we have to minimize the labor. Kits not sold will be donated for free to schools or haker spaces.

@ Gus - I grabbed a box of eBlocks and Panda 2 kits when they similarly went end of life and have run a couple of great classes with the hardware. I would love to expand my teaching options to include Gadgeteer, so please keep us ( in mind if you do end up donating any “box o’ modules”.


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