Contemplating new commercial product with NETMF

Hi everyone,

I’m determining if I can use NETMF for a commercial product I’m prototyping that has some possible significant requirements for digital signals processing. I would love to use C# and time to market is short.

The basic MVP is a USB like device that is a voice assistant, constantly communicating with the cloud capturing your voice and talking back to you. The device should act like a USB storage device when connected to the PC.

The hazy areas for me are, does NETMF have enough resources, on the G80 or G120, to constantly be recording an analog input (Microphone) and transmit via BLE or WIFI?

I see that the G80 is built atop the ARM Cortex M-4. Can I still access the DSP functionality of the M-4? Perhaps by importing a C library that interfaces with the MCU? Some algorithms like noise cancellation would be beneficial.

Can NETMF interface with an eMMC chip?

I think the speaker will be strait forward, either PCM, or an external codec chip connected via I2C.

I am hesitant to build upon NETMF because of Microsoft’s loss of support. It does encourage me to see GHI electronics renewed support. Could Microsoft be dumping NETMF for eventually a .NET Core variant?

Lastly, could I expect new functionality and production scale available quantities from GHI Electronics for the next 3-5 years?

Thank you for any comments,


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@ brettm247 - Welcome Brett twenty four seven. C# won’t give you that kind of performance. You will need to use C, and RLP.