Contacting GHI

Hi again

Where is the best place to forward emails…
I’ve tried ghielec@ but I don’t get any response…
Perhaps your inbox is very busy and I’m too impatient…

I really need to buy a custom system, either an EMX based with screen (4.3) or a chipworksX with screen. My problem is my local distributor doesn’t carry all the parts I need.

I need a few quotes (I have emailed this to the above )


We are too busy with maker fair this weekend.

When did you send the email?

We checked. We got your email only few hours ago. I am not sure how fast of a response you are expecting :smiley:

Im not being pushy honestly

But this is the third I’ve sent to this address I thought it may be my ISP (BT) as sometimes they don’t deliver to various ISP’s in america, or they could be marking them as spam…

Beg your pardon…

I wish I was going to the Makers Fayre but I’m thousands of miles away

We always answer emails in a day or 2. If your emails wasn’t answered then it was not received.

You can always call the office if you like