Constant Current Power Supply

Thanks Dave. That one showed up in the >300 query so I didn’t inspect it. I might have to adjust my $ range.

I’m still not totally sure what I need out of a power supply. Most of my projects tend to be on the small side, I don’t have any large current or voltage projects, yet.

I could not live without my bench supplies (I have 3 of them) as the current limiting has saved many a blue smoke when doing initial testing.

I’d really like to get my hands on one of those digital programmable ones. Quite fancy one of the Rigol ones but will have to wait for some more work before I do that :slight_smile:

I just noticed the TENMA 72-8690A. It’s only about $10 more than the one I posted earlier and has dual output. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear you can chain them like the one Dave mentioned earlier. Also, this one only as two decimal places on the display.

I saw those and wondered why that would be beneficial. What sort of scenario would require a programmable power supply? Is that for testing surge or dirty power conditions?

I’ve been looking at the Rigol models as well, but just can’t justify it right now. I don’t need timed outputs, waveforms, or the other digital-PS tricks. I think I’ll settle for one of the Dr-Meter triple-output linear supplies, that run about $200 (unless someone here has had bad experiences with them). They seem to do all the necessary analog tricks (series, parallel, etc) for just a few bucks more than a single-output unit.

The triple types will be ideal for most work. I have 2 of them as it is.

The reason for the programmable is for testing automotive designs where you can simulate the voltage drop of cranking and the higher voltage when the battery is charging etc. That would be the main reason for that type for me.

I use a waveform generator for testing and calibrating ADC inputs.

I have both of these, and would buy them again should one go out.

Waiting for the Dave McLaughlin reviews. :wink:

Can only review if you have used them. Looks like pretty good value though, for someone on a budget.

This morning I needed a power supply again and so I finally broke down. Bought this Topward 6303D from eBay. Anyone have any experience with it?