ConnectTheDots - Spider II, application hangs

I am attempting to get the ConnectTheDots example working on a Spider II with built-in J11D Ethernet. I don’t have the sensors so I am simulating some data with random numbers.

Everything compiles and deploys fine. I believe I have the correct AMQP Address info in place.

I have used MFDeploy to “Update SSL Seed”. (FEZ Config “Update SSL Seed” didn’t seem to work.)

The Spider II gets a valid IP address and DNS address from the network.

Application hangs at:

// create connection
_connection = new Connection(_address);

After about a minute, in Windows Devices and Printers, it changes from G120 to Unknown Device. I have to reload TinyBooter and Firmware to get it back. I am not sure what I am missing. The problem is the same even when powered with external power supply.

The AzurePrep application did not run to completion due to an error but the Event Hub was successfully setup from everything I can tell in the Azure Management portal. It looks like the Stream Analytics portion that didn’t get setup. However, I think I should still be able to send messages to the Event Hub or at least connect. If something was wrong with the Cloud configuration (AMQPAddress) I would think it should fail gracefully.

Is there anything required to enable the AMQP port on the Azure side?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

If the SSL doesn’t have a seed you will get an exception pretty much right away so I don’t think that’s the problem.

What kind of firewall are you behind?

Are the Event Hubs ‘Active’?

@ Duke Nukem - I am behind a standard consumer firewall. Actually 2 of them, my Comcast issued modem/firewall, and my home firewall/Access point. Do I need to open AMQP ports? Since traffic is originating from inside the firewall I wouldn’t think I need too.

In Service Bus -> namespace -> Event Hubs -> ehdevices is showing Active. (ehalerts is Active too.)
I can see on the Dashboard there has been some activity. But weather that is because of my Spider II or from playing in the management portal, I don’t know.

@ skeller - In my office I’m behind multiple firewalls as well and you are correct if the connection is started from within, then for most consumer grade routers you should be good to go (if you have a commercial firewall and Mordac the Preventer as your system admin then all bets are off).

Check that you ‘URL encoded’ the key-name in the AMQP Address (betting this is the issue).