adds Gadgeteer Support

Thought this would be of interest to folks here

We’ve had an open source Device + Azure hands-on-lab going since the fall. In December, I used it with our internal audiences in Redmond, Prague, and Miami. At the time, it was Raspberry Pi + Arduino.

We’ve just updated it and added Gadgeteer support, using a FEZ Spider (but presumably any Gadgeteer board would work)

Check it out.

This hands-on-lab is one of the official bits of content our global field evangelists will be using to help educate the community of people who want to use and understand our services like Event Hub and Stream Analytics. Having Gadgeteer in there increases our options and is good for visibility, of coruse.

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Hi Pete,
the connection to service bus requires SSL so only more powerful board like FEZ Spider and FEZ Raptor can be used. For example FEZ Hydra and FEZ Cerberus can’t be user due to the lack of SSL.



Good point, thanks.

Also worth point out that the GHI boards are currently the only NETMF boards that can do this (not sure if Mountaineer can do SSL or not, but I know most non-Gadgeteer boards cannot).


@ Pete - As far as I know the old cobra boards are based upon EMX as the Spider, so this might work, for the cobra 2 I can’t tell from experience but it has support for SSL and is based upon G120, so any G120 board might be worth checking. At least to those that have one avail and are in for a strawl on the (b)leading edge.

Since I do have a cobra 1, I’ll try and see if I can get it working …

Thanks for the letting us know !!!

We are right now working on TLS support for our [em]Limmat[/em] board (which is based on an STM32F427, without external RAM). Maybe we’ll then offer it also for Mountaineer Prime boards that have sufficient memory (e.g. the M4-MCU board). And yes, we want to support also authentication, not just encryption.