Connectors on 3D model of Cerbuino are wrong pitch

I just went to assemble using my CAD software a custom board to the Cerbuino and I spotted that the pitch is wrong.

The pitch is 2.45mm when I measure it and it should actually be 2.54mm (0.1")

The pitch on the PCB footprint is correct. Seems to just be the model that is wrong.

Luckily the holes align so I should be able to use the model in the enclosure design and have things align properly.

Just wanted to bring it to attention in case anyone else is working with the 3D models.

The image shows the error when I align the mounting holes.

PS. I also noticed that the pitch on the Gadgeteer pins is also wrong. They show up as 1.2mm putch with 4.88 from pin 1 to pin 5 when it should be 1.27mm pitch and 5.08mm from pin 1 to pin 5. Interestingly, the pich on the PCB footprint is correct. Same as the other observation, the 3D model of the connector is wrong.

That was probably from my super fast typing skills.

I just checked my header models and they are correct @ 2.54 O.C. placement.

Hi Jason,

The pitch on the PCB is correct. It’s the 3D model that is wrong. If you look at the 3D step file of the Cerbuino, you will see that the contacts are not centered on the pads.

My 3D model was built with Samtec models and the pitch is 2.54mm. Your 3D model of the connectors is only 2.45mm

If you can load this into some CAD software, you can measure between 2 faces on the connector.

Same for the Gadgeteer connector models. The pitch is 1.2mm and the SMD contacts are not centered.

As I said, I used the holes to create the alignment so it’s not critical. I just wanted to bring it to your attention.

Also checked the 3D model of the Cobra 2 WiFi. The Gadgeteer models on there are 1.2mm pitch. Only the centre pin is aligned with the PAD. The outer one is obviously not from a visual perspective.

Dave you can re-download the model folder and the model is updated.

As far as the Gadgeteer pins being off I will have to get back to you on that.

It all aligns nicely now. Cheers for the quick turnaround.

Good deal. The old model was zipped up…:expressionless: