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Connector Part Number


Hi, anyone can provide the supplier part number for the EBLOCK connector (male + female) ? I bought the FEZ PANDA II Ultimate Kit, and the W5100 Ethernet board that stack onto FEZ Panda II came with 8 such EBLOCK sockets. Thanks.


I believe it is this one but I am not 100% positive


Thanks, here are the complete list for others to refer to:

Element14 Components part number:

949-2429 connector socket (on PCB)
361-6198 connector plug
361-7210 pin (attach your wire) before you insert into the connector plug


A tip:

Purchase some JST3AA 3-Wire Cable from the GHI Store, cut them in half and solder the bare wire ends to your component. I suspect assembling the cables from components requires a special crimp tool.