Connection Issues

I am having issues connecting to my device. I have a Spider with load, CAN, CP7, SD, USB DP modules connected. I can see that my firmware updated to but I keep getting “An error has occurred: please check your hardware.” I have connected power so it has a power supply of 15V (thanks retired router). I tried to erase the program using MFDeploy, the unit shows up when I select “USB” from the device drop down as “EMX_Gadgeteer” and I get “Pinging… Tiny CLR” as a response when I ping the unit. When I erase, it goes through the erasing sectors and rebooting, then says it can’t connect to the device…the device becomes available again once the mainboard has restarted.

If I try to deploy new image files I get “Error:Unable to Deploy to Device”.

What am I doing wrong here?

This thread solved my issue: