Connecting Your Devices to the Azure IoT Suite

Pre-Recorded Session for Build 2015


Sigh. Of course DNS issues are causing not to be accessible for a good part of the world (including me). and were gone for a while too, but in a cruel twist, came back and channel9 is still AWOL.

Well, you’re not the only one …

I’m glad you’ve mentioned that. It’s happening to all Microsoft sites it seems. I though it was my vpn into the office causing problems.

That’s were a VPN Tunnel comes in very handy. :wink:

up and running again for me in UK

Yup, working here now also

… and here too …

Well, I have Win10 running on an RPi 2 - pretty slick so far and seems to boot to a usable state faster than Debian, but that’s not a real measurement - just my sense of it. Lots more to play with… Haven’t even deployed an app yet, but getting started was fast and easy.

Now if only I had a Win10-compatible piece of Gadgeteer hardware, maybe formatted as a Pi-Hat (shield)… Saving my USD/EUR/RON for May 1 and hoping for nifty hardware to fill my cart with.

… wait for may 1st and GHI announcement …

The stream works for me :slight_smile: Elio is a great explainer.

OK So we have windows 10 running on the pi, superb, but how do we access all the low level stuff like gpios serial ports spi etc etc, do we have to write kernel drivers, not sure how all this is going to work, any ideas chaps.

@ Peter Kenyon - They showed a demo yesterday using Windows 10 on a PI 2 . The GPIO stuff is there. You should download and install the image as well as Visual Studio 2015.

And here seem to be the official samples:

Windows 10 IoT Core Insider Preview Samples:

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… and wait for the GHI announcement tomorrow …

oh right Windows.Devices namespace… interesting

@ PiWi - Yepp :slight_smile: Can’t wait to hear this exciting news!