Connecting two maingboards using USB-Serial Modules

I just started Gadgetering last week. I have a plan for a rather large device, where I will need about 8 type ‘U’ Ports. Now I have a Hydra main board that has 4 ports and AFAIK there is no possiblity to extend the amount of ‘U’ ports.

So I was thinking, why not use two mainboards and link them together?

I saw in the catalog a module called USB-Serial Module (Part # SRUSB-GM-287). The description says that it is intended for data transfer between device and PC, but my guess is that I can also use it to connect two boards together, can anybody please confirm if this is indeed possible? So one acting as host and the other as client.

Or if anybody has any better solution to my problem of wanting to us 8 ‘U’ type ports.

I could simply order some more hardware and test, but I though maybe posting this simple question could be a quicker and cheaper way to find out.

Welcome to the forum!

All you need is this little guy:

And to get more U ports check out this offer from the community:

I think I may need them both!

The null modem is nice, but actually takes one U from each of the mainboards.
So if I would use to Hydra boards I would have 8 Us, but lose 2 to connect them together.

I guess the Power Uart Hub could be the solution, with it I get 3 more U, but also again lose one, because the K needed is also a U, but I would end up with 9 available U’s, so still very happy with these possibilities.

Thanks for both replies.

You are welcome!

About the community creation:

Up until now I’ve only worked GHI hardware and the experience has been great, everything worked directly, without any problems .In VS designer I have all the components there I my toolbox.

How will this community addition fit into this? Will this work just as easy? Or will I get into all kinds of complex stuff I’m know familiar with. Like: Will I need to go down to Micro Framework level? Will I need to do things like compile my own drivers?

I just hoping I’m not getting myself in to troubles, beeing a beginner at this.

I would ask in the creation’s thread all these questions:

Also, if you’re a beginner at this then 4x serial streams is a sure way to get yourself in more trouble :slight_smile: You might get benefit from talking about what your scenario is so you get more effective input from the collective here, to help you navigate any other challenges