Connecting the Cellular Radio Module to the Fez Cobra III

Hi - apologies for the newb question - but I’ve bought a cellular radio module to connect to a FC III - and have realized I don’t know how to hook it up. I have a GXP Gadgeteer Bridge - that’s allowed me to connect a RS21 Wifi board - and that works well - but the radio modem looks like it requires a K Socket. Where do I come by a K socket - or do I need to break out a soldering iron?


COM2 on the FCIII are the equivalent pins for a K socket.

@ peterss - The U socket on the GXP Gadgeteer Bridge is COM4. As @ munderhill said, COM2 is the only port with handshaking on the G120, so you will need to wire it up yourself. shows you where all the pins are.

Thanks John, Munderhill, appreciated.