Connecting T(ouch) port of TE35 to G120HDR

Can anyone advise how to do this the easiest way ?

Many thanks in advance.

Check out the Cobra II schematics and connect the user Gadgeteer socket exactly the same way to the G120 pins

Thanks Reinhard for your prompt reply.

I looked at the Cobra II schematic however I still need some push hereā€¦

I identified Touch socket on Cobra II schematic as X4.

The pins listed on the cobra socket are: P0.23/P0.24/P0.25/P0.27/P0.28/P1.0/P1.1

Should they be connected to the same pins on JP3 of G120HDR (namely pins 35,37,36,24,26,43,44) ?


You have to use the pins with the same names, the pins you wrote sound good

Pins 1, 2 and 10 of JP 5 are already connected correctly.
Just connect the other 7 pins from JP3 to JP5 and you can connect the touch to X3 then.