Connecting Raspberry pi to Raptor

Hi all,

I was wondering is it possible to connect raspberry pi to a fez raptor ? I saw a post on connecting rasp to an arduino via i2c and read gadgeteer has i2c. I want to receive commands via rasp wifi and send them to the gadgeteer board. Has this been done ?



Looking at RPi pinout I see that it has UART, why not use it instead of I2C and make your life easier?

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Because i am a dumb boy ?:slight_smile: Thnx for the replies has anybody done this kind of connection allready ? Could i maybe get some pointers ?

open the serial port with similar baudrate and start talking…
use this code for the talking part:

don’t forget…

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@ iamin - Currently (at least with Windows IoT on Pi) you have no access to the serial port. Microsoft in its wisdom has locked that up for themselves. There is no firm commitment to open it up before (or after) RTM.


@ RoySalisbury - the original poster never said he was using win10. ;D

In fact, the stated goal was to use the RPi as a serially-connected wireless provider - the world’s largest ESP8266 emulator. For all the effort in code, I would think spending ten bucks on an ESP8266 would be a better choice. You’re out ten bucks, but you get back hours of coding and debugging on two platforms. (And you still have an RPi left over to play some games on or something)

I thought maybe there was more to this (maybe there is), but if the goal is just to leverage the RPi’s wifi, then use an ESP8266 breakout instead.

What you are forgetting i think is the learning experience of just doing it. I was wondering if it was possible now i know it is i can hack away.

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That’s a perfectly reasonable rationale for doing what you’re doing, of course - it just wasn’t stated anywhere earlier in the conversation, which is probably why I missed that bit.

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I stand corrected. I assumed since he was dealing with the Raptor and .NET, that he was also trying to use .NET on the Pi with Windows 10 IoT.