Connecting multiple temperature sensors to FEZ Spider

I’m about to purchase FEZ Spider for my mini project and I’m wondering if it’s possible to connect 5 temperature sensors to it (maybe more in the future)? If yes what is the best option and what modules do I need?

Thanks, Greg

In general yes, but What kind of sensor are you thinking about?

First I was thinking of Temp&Humidity Module but there aren’t 5 I connectors on the board. Now after googling for a while I found this: One Wire Digital Temperature Sensor - DS18B20. Maybe I could connect 5 of these on extender module?


If I understand correctly (I’m still new to all this stuff) can I use this module and wire all sensors (DS18B20) to VCC and GND, and data wires to P3-P7?

Absolutely! P8 and P9 are available as well.

You can buy DL40 or IO60P16 and sensor SHT11/SHT15 (used on Temp/Humidity module) download sensors drivers and modify constructor to use pins on DL40 or IO60P16 and you can have a few hundred sensors on 1 Spider.

the great thing about DS18B20 family of onewire sensors is that they’re designed to work over long distances. You can have 5 Temp+Humidity sensors but you’d be limited to how far away you could get them to work, where with DS18B20 you can have them scattered around the house no problem.

Also when you’re using OneWire you can share multiple devices on a single pin, no need to have different pins.

Thank you all for the valuable information. Now it’s time to order a FEZ Spider and have some fun!