Connecting debugger to running code

For some reason the debugger will not attach to a running platform, or rather it does attach but you cannot breakpoint etc, similar to if the symbols were invalid.

E.g. from an app, Run it on the device, Detach and then use the Debug window to Attach back to the device. At this point you can no longer breakpoint, despite not rebuilding the code in between.

Any ideas?


Ire member someone, maybe Jeff, saying they were able to attach to a running device. I am not sure if the guys here every tried this.

In VS goto Debug -> Attach to process… -> Select .Net Micro Framework device -> Select USB

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Do you know if it is possible with VS2010 Express?

Try it.

Not on 64Bit…

You somehow smuggled a 64bit code to G120? Magic…

A little bit direct Architect. If I am asking, it’s because I don’t see the Attach to process choice in debug tab on my version not because I am lazy…

Sorry, that was not my intention to offend you. Been awhile since I looked at the Express edition and that would have been my first thing to do - “to try it”. :slight_smile:

@ Simon from Vilnius - Not magic, just bad handling at MS only covering 32/64 bit :wink:

My answer: How to: Attach to a Running Process | Microsoft Learn

Yes it seems that the forum recongnize extension with the first occurence of “.”

As a result the link is not valid with a click…

I’m having the same issue. You see a quick test video at the below URL.

Anyway to fix this?

Hopefully link will show after this post…

@ Michael Kaufman - I was able to reproduce the issue on our boards as well as the boards from other manufacturers. So it seems to be an issue with NETMF. I would create an issue here:

Just FYI, it’s working fine with VS2012 Pro and a custom board with Oberon 4.3.1 Prime firmware.
So there must be some other issue(s) with this.

@ Bec a Fuel - Debug printing works but setting breakpoints and such do not.

Ooops :-[

Indeed, this doesn’t work either on my side, then :frowning: Sorry.

Is there any changes regarding possibility to connect to running code and set breakpoints?
I have tried it with VS2013 Community and latest pre-release 2015 and it seems it is still not possible. It will be enough just to place breakpoints in own code not necessary in GHI or MS libraries but it still complains that symbols are not possible to upload and especially that GHI modules doesn’t include .pdb symbol files (there are only .pdbx files).