Connecting a Grove SEN11302P light sensor

First some background, Im not so much of a hardware engineer so forgive me lack of knowledge about hardware control and Im a newbie to the GHI lineup.

I have a Cobra (love it by the way) and have a project that needs a light sensor. I also have a Grove SEN11302P light sensor. Heres the wiki site from Seeed, it shows a pin to VCC, Gnd, D1, and D2. Im a little stuck on what pins to connect and where.

Question: How would I go about connecting the sensor to the Cobra development board?

FYI, I also have the extension breakout board for the Cobra if that helps.

Any help would be very much appreciated.


GND is GND, VCC to 3.3V and the sensor to one of the analog pins.

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as Gus said, this is simply a photoresistor that provides a changing analog signal depending on the light intensity. The wiki page has some code near the bottom of it, where it simply reads the AnalogIn pin (the “SIG” pin as seen on the silkscreen printing on the module). As to how best to connect this all up on a Cobra, you could do many things. If you have a 3-pin plug to suit the GHI sockets on the Cobra mainboard, you can connect it to one of the analog input pins there; if not, you can wire it into the analog pin(s?) on the edge .1" strip. My suggestion, get a 3-pin plug and use that… as a backup you could mount the female headers on the edge of the Cobra as though you were going to use the expansion / prototyping area, and then just insert wires into the header in the correct locations.

Thanks guys! This really helps a lot.