Connecting 4.3" or 7" LCD to FEZ Spider

How do I go about connecting either of these two displays to the Spider? Is there any examples of someone successfully making this work?

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If you’re talking about this:

and this:

I’m not aware of any easy way to connect those to a Spider mainboard, at least not directly. This LCD:

is designed for use with .NET Gadgeteer boards, and uses the standard 10-pin socket (4 of them, actually, 1 each for R, G, and B channels, and one for touch channel) to connect the LCD.

It might be possible to use several extender modules to connect the pins from the above LCDs to the Spider, but you’d also have to write a compatible TFT driver as well.

I’m still a relative newb to much of this, but the above is my best guess for your question. Perhaps some of our other elder statesmen will chime in with more info…

Yep, those are the two displays I was talking about…

Ok, so if I can’t hook them up it is probably better for me to get a FEZ Hydra and hook one up to it? This looks like it is a pretty simple task.

what about the cobra board. direct connection.

As far as hardware connections go, Spider and Hydra are both Gadgeteer mainboards. The 4.3 and 7" displays are NOT Gadgeteer compatible. While you could theoretically manufacture a Gadgeteer module interface for these larger displays, it would be a daunting task for anybody new to this hardware. I believe Gus has hooked a big display to a Hydra, but we’ve only seen a video of this - no how to on the wiki yet.

We are of course going to offer other display options in near future.

I believe that was a VGA module.

This one

What is the resolution of that display?


Thanks for the info!