Connect T socket G120HDR 1.1

How can we connect the T socket from a TE35 to G120HDR 1.1?

@ Mano

To connect the TE35 to the G120HDR will require you to solder wires from the pins on the board to one of the user sockets; or wires from the pins on the board to an extender or breakout board matching the socket pins. The easiest way would be to the user socket.

The pins to connect are:
Socket Pin 4 (YU) – P0.24
Socket Pin 5 (XL) – P0.23
Socket Pin 6 (YD) – P1.0
Socket Pin 7 (XR) – P1.1

But don’t forget “The numbering on the “user sockets pads” has one error. 3 and 4 are swapped.” in the first batch of G120HDRs.

@ Mike I have a v1.1 board

You will be alright then with the socket labeling. Mike is right about the mislabeling however. The label problem is only on the 1.0 board.

Can I use a ENC28 module with the touch the same user pin are used?

What do you mean by: with the touch the same user pin are used?

The ENC28 does not share the same pins as touch. If you mean can it be on the same user socket then the answer is no because pin 7 on the socket needs to be the MOSI pin for the SPI and that pin is not the same as the XR pin in the touch driver.

You can also use the breakout module to add more sockets.

Ok now I understand, I will use the pinout you give me on user2 socket for the touch and the pinout that is in the wiki for the ENC28 module on the user1 socket.