Connect Pulse Count module to MaxO extension S-socket


I have used all my S sockets of my spider board.
Now I want to connect an additional Pulse Count module that requires a SPI socket.

Is there some kind of software hack I can use to use the SPI interface of my second maxO extension S socket?



Here it is


Thanks for the replies.

I had a look, but the problem remains that (see attached picture in my previous email) I don’t have a Y socket left.
I’m pretty sure, it can be achieved in software, because the MaxO module uses a SPI socket, for it’s chips.

Got to hack the MaxO component I think.

Anyway, thanks.

@ andre.m -
I was expecting an optional S-socket (output) on the .Net MaxO component.
Now you can only use it to connect additional MaxO modules.

But… I now see my problem, assumptions are the mother of all f*ckups :wink:

The Pulse Count module expects an Y socket.

Too bad for me, because I don’t have any left. The chip on it, is an SPI chip, so I guess,
I have to get me one of those sPlus modules and figure out how to make it work in hardware and software using what’s available.

I’ll get it to work I guess, but it’s not as easy as I thought.

@ andre.m -
The spider mainboard has two SPI sockets, one of them is connected to the MaxO, the other one is connected to a Load module.
So no, I don’t have anything left.

Did you see the screenshot of my first post?

@ andre.m -
The load module requires an Y socket, and I can’t connect it to the sPlus.

So no luck with step 3 :frowning:

How about the Hub AP5?

@ Sprigo -
Not a bad idea, thanks!