Connect Panda with Windows application

How can I make monitoring work with Windows applications? When using the Arduino it could be done through the COM, on the same wires that communicate with the board Arduino. There are some example of such a decision?

You can do it with COM. No problem at all.
You can even do it wireless with xbee:

I do not know what you are going to monitor, but you might want to use usb client:

Do I understand correctly that regard, I need additional equipment? Is there any possibility to make a special cable for connection to connect the Panda and the computer via the USB port?

At start of a code driver installation doesn’t occur.

I need a Windows application to get data from the gyroscope is connected to the Panda. I have no other equipment except the board Panda, USB cord. Possible to do this?

Yes you can do all that with any FEZ and USB cable only
please take a look at our free book under downloads

I had a look on the free book, specially on point 28.6 “USB Debugging with virtual com channel”, has I understood it, it send “Hello world” message to USB port every second. But I did not find any sample of the listening application (the windows desktop one). Where can I find a sample of it ?
I’m also interested in the revers way : sending data to the FEZ app I suppose it’s going throw cdc.Read(), once again is there any sample somewhere ?

Unless going throw cdc read / write, is there any way to accessFEZ Panda II card internal memory while it’s running (I mean from a desktop app of course).

Thanks in advance for help.

As far as your PC is concerned, this is just another serial port on the system. You can read from it and write to it.

Thanks for quick reply. I must say that I’m not very familiar with USB communication (use to be familiar with RS232 but it was a century ago :wink: ). Specially as I got many usb devices connected how do I open the good one ?

So if my app has debug.print statments in it and I connect my FEZ to a computer without VS installed, can I still see these via HyperTerm or the like?

No. Debug.Print only works when you are in Debug mode in VS. To see that text in a terminal you would have to write it to the COM port.

you can use MFDeploy to connect to the device and you will see debug.print values.