Connect NFC non-gadgeteer board to FEZ Hydra

after developed a driver ( for this NFC board…

…that works well on Netduino board using wires, I want to connect the same board to a FEZ Hydra using socket.
For the connection of a non-gadgeteer board to a gadgeteer board I saw that there are some possibilties.
They are the following :

I think that the better solution is G-Plug Module for my porpouse.
Is it right ?
Any suggestions ?


I Would use a standard breakout module.
Wires are not included. Just 5 pcs of the breakout boards.
Just connect it to hydra and connect the NFC module via cables to the breakout board

But with breakout I need IDC cable.
With G-Plug module I don’t need this cable.

You’re right! Also a good possibility :smiley: Sorry for that :wink:

I have and use them all. Yes, they all work as you mention, and yes g-plug are my current favourite for prototyping with.