Connect my Fez Cobra II with Wifi

Hi All,

I’m very much new to this. Can you please provide the code for connect the Fez Cobra II with wiifi.

Also, please provide links to some books which can help me to achieve knowledge for this.


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Which version of Cobra II do you have?
Thre is

  • ECO (no onboard Ethernet)
  • Net (onboard wired netweork using ENC28)
  • WiFi (onboard WIFI from Redpine (RS21))

Also what WIFI module do you have?
If it is the RS21, then you have to use the “normal” networking code, that uses theFW internal Network stack:

If you have ad different WIFI module, then it could be quite different.

Which FW version (SDK Version) do you use?

@ Reinhard Ostermeier -


Thanks for theprompt reply.

I’m using Wifi which is on the board. Can you provide me the code so that i can connect to the wifi and use internet through it.


@ gagan.deep - Did you look at the code from the link I posted?
In fact you can find a lot of networking samples here in the forum.

Here is the documentation to the RS21 module itself, which is the one included in the board:
It has a sample you can use if you use the Gadgeteer designer.

Also in the Code share section you should find a lot of programs using networking and/or WIFI

There may seem like an over-whelming amount of information on our website. This document is a great place to start…