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Connect and Touch shipping


Looks like preorders for the Connect shield and Touch display are shipping… just got my notice. Along with a Tinkerer kit, I’m gonna be in Panda Pimpin’ Paradise ;D

Power to the Panda People!


Happy Easter.


Yep…not only that… stay tuned for announcement in few minutes (check the catalog)


Sound like a new toys is coming our way, right Gus??


you mean this?

or this?


Dang, Robert-bot beat me to it :slight_smile:


Hehehehe :smiley:
Fear the fez-bot master :naughty:


[quote]you mean this?

or this?

None of those!!! ::slight_smile:


So where can a guy get his hands on one of those USB-Serial eblocks shown in the new kits? Don’t see it listed (yet) as a seperate product.

Patience is (not) a virtue.


Looks like most of them are here


Just been added
images will be there shortly