Connect() and Accept() can sometimes hang forever

@ dspacek - We can do that and will if needed but it will be quicker if you can get a trace.

@ dspacek - We were able to reproduce the connect and accept bug but it looks like they are related to the overall instability in the networking stack that Microsoft is working on, so we will need to wait for their improvements.

Thanks! That’s good news, sort of :slight_smile: Any reasonable rough guess about when a fix will be released by Microsoft? Is GHI reporting this problem to Microsoft?

@ dspacek - My personal guess is that it will be a number of months before Microsoft gets the next major release out. Microsoft is aware of the general networking instability and they are already working on it. They discussed it briefly this past Friday here:

I read in the NETMF porting kit documentation that there is available as part of the NETMF from Microsoft, an alternate TCP/IP stack, called RTIP, created by EBSnet Inc. This is distributed in binary only form. This could be used instead of the LwIP stack. Did GHI create a port of the .NET Microframework that uses the RTIP stack? If not, is it possible to hire GHI to do this port?

P.S. I want to use RTIP in the Raptor Board.

@ dspacek - Additionally, we only have access to RTIP in binary form, so if there are any issues with it, we are unable to even begin fixing them ourselves.

@ andre.m - Right, it is.