Connect a Thermal printer and a barcode reader


It´s possible to connect a thermal printer on FEZ Spider and print same text? How, by usb host? Any example?

Another question: It´s possible to connect a barcode reader to identify a employer by badge? How?

Thank you

Printer is possible on USB and same for reader

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I’ve used small thermal printers from Custom before. Very easy to use over a serial port. These even had RS232 or TTL jumpers so no level converter needed. They are expensive though.

Barcode readers should also come in either serial or USB versions. If you use a reader with a “keyboard wedge” is looks like a keyboard to the controller so you can use it on a Fez with the HID sample.

Why not rather use RFID tags for the badges? More reliable in the field than barcodes and the reader is probably cheaper.

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