Congratulations to @ianlee74 for becoming a superhuman

Stop by and say congratulations to @ ianlee74 for becoming a superhuman this weekend!


Thanks! When does my cape arrive? I don’t mean the Beaglebone type… :smiley:


@ ianlee74 - just like the check, “it’s in the mail”

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You beat me to the submit button by about 30 seconds.

@ Gary - The old saying might apply ‘Great minds think alike, and fools sudden differ’, so I hope this doesn’t mean I’m going to start posting photos with ‘interesting’ orientations.

Or walking your fish…

@ Duke Nukem - lol, I just posted the whole “great minds think alike” on your thread, and no I have a patent on the way I post pictures :-p

@ ianlee74 - Congratulations!!! :clap:

@ IanLee74 - Congratulations, I always knew you had it in you !!!

Well done! :clap:

Congratulations Ian. :clap:


Congrats Ian!

Ian is always a great support to our community. Thank you for everything and congratulations.

Whaou !!! Congrats !

Well deserved!

Thanks for all your help so far!

Well done Ian!