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Congratulation Bec a Fuel, you are s Senior now!


The guys here were really happy with the French translation of the book and so we added 500 bonus points to Bec a Fuel.

You get 10 experience points per post but Bec a Fuel received 500 points for his awesome work, which makes him a FEZ Senior now.

We really want to thank you Bec a Fuel for all the time you put into translating the book.

Why would anyone care about the experience points? You may be eligible to receive thousands of dollars worth in consulting free of any charge!
See this

GHI hopes this will encourage everyone to help the FEZ community.


Very good! I was thinking about contributing too, but first there is the contest… :slight_smile:

Anyway, chimp check out this topic:
Home > Forum > FEZ Cobra Board > Documentation: Typo’s Cobra Brochure

I have edited the brochure so the errors are gone. Maybe you could add this (if you havn’t done so already)

Anyway: bec a fuel, you deserve it! Good job!


Wow… I’m red like an apple, right now… :confused:

Thank you very much to all.

Btw, translating the doc was really a tough job. Not only because of the quantity, but also because it’s not a word-by-word translation : sometimes sentences have been kind of modified to better suit french syntax or usages.
Code samples have also been translated, as I think that users who read this (french) book will prefer having french terms in examples. That’s not much work by itself, but it’s more consistent with the rest of the book.

FYI, in the next few weeks, the FEZ Domino will be included as a prototype in an industrial machine. Its job will mostly consist in measurements and real-time adjustments of some parameters that the user couldn’t do fast enough. I will try to show you all that I can about this project, but you have to know that it’s industrial so I won’t be allowed to show too much about it.
The LCD03 driver is a part of this job, for example.

Anyway, I thank you all again and will try to honor this promotion as best as I can.

Edit: I will modify my display name, as it seems to create some problem with accentuated letters :wink:


So just out of curiosity, what is the difference between EXP and Experience?

Also, congrats Bec a Fuel!


Exp is experience. When you receive a bonus then it shows that

EXP + EXP bonus = total experience