Congrats with the new site

Congrats with the new site, Nice job guys.


looks good, but still has issues… which i’m sure you are all working on …
migrating data can be a pain…

We are still working on it. Consider it beta for about a week.

But thanks guys

Sexy! Good job.

Nice. I miss those unread messages from overnight though :frowning:

This is going to be a hard week getting used to the new design :wink: I don’t know if first impression from regular forum members can be objective but mine was negative. There are many things that need to be tweaked to look and feel good (of course we are here for you to provide the feedback). I see one major problem, you will be flooded with bug reports and feature requests and it will be hard to follow in the regular way (threads and topic). Could you think of a quick way to provide some kind of a bug tracker ? I’m finding things all the time i click around but i think my post based report will get lost.

Wow, my unread appeared the second time i hit the unread page. Lots of them though !

I need to re-login each time (30mins?) even though I 'm checking the checkbox to remember me. I’m using Windows Phone 7.5

Ditto the re-login. Win7 laptop with latest Chrome. Also, immediately after logging in my unread messages are always empty. If I click on the forum link and then on unread, it works.

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Not seeing different icons for read/unread threads, all icons are greyish in color.

Here’s an interesting one. The index list item for this showed me two pages were available, and because I wanted to see the page 1 stuff I deliberately clicked that. When I got there, there was only one page - it said page 1 of 1 and there was no “page 2” link. Perhaps the calculation of available pages needs to subtract 1 in the 10-per-page calc

Post/Points counter doesn’t increment.

Don’t worry Architect, our counters don’t increment as well so we won’t get ahead of you :stuck_out_tongue:

I am not worried. Jut pointing out a bug!

Speaking of bugs. I have just commented on a codeshare submission.

Couple of issues:

  1. Would be nice to parse URL and make them hyperlinks.
  2. User (comment author) hyperlink doesn’t work.

I can see color icons now :slight_smile:

The search on code share needs work. It does return matches unless you match an entire word exactly.

For example:

If you search for “Jo”

It will not return a match for the word “John”. However, it will if your search term was “John” LOL

@ brightidea

The codeshare search works as follows:

Anything within brackets is a tag. Other words are searched for in the title and description. For example:

[usb] driver

This would return all entries tagged with usb that have driver in the title or description. To do the search you want:


Returns entries that have words that start with “jo” in the title or description.

I am not seeing emoticons?

There are no emoticon buttons but the ones you know by heart are still there 8)