Congrats to @taylorza on becoming a Legend!

Congratulations!!! :slight_smile:

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Becoming? After all the cool stuff he’s done … he’s been a legend already :wink:

Game engine, pacman, Flash storage, DaisyLink M0 firmware, etc

Agree 100% :smiley:


taylorza on becoming a Legend…

GREAT! Has worked hard for this!

Wow, I did not even know that happened. I was in a plane crossing the Atlantic… Thank you all, I hope to be back in action soon.

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I agree. Taylorza absolutely deserve legend status. Congratulations Taylorza and hope you will have a very nice life in in US.

@ KiwiSaner - Thank you very much, my family and I appreciate your kind wishes… It is a pretty big adjustment moving from an island with limited access to basic things to a place where it feels like I can get anything I want by just walking into a store… the children think they are in heaven :slight_smile: I am a children…

congrats on the status and sounds like congrats on the move too - now I guess we know why we haven’t heard much from you of late !

@ Brett - Thanks, and yes that is correct. The last month has been hectic and unfortunately my hobbies have had to take a bit of a sideline. But I will be back with a vengeance :slight_smile:

Congrats! You’ve definitely earned it.

Congrats, man! Keep up the good work!

Congratulations :smiley:

Congrats Chris, and enjoy living in the US :slight_smile:

Thank you everyone! After a two full days of shopping, buying everything for sofas, beds to TVs (still no PC) I must say that I think we have landed in the friendliest city in the world. I have been here a few times over the year and everyone is always friendly, but now I have interacted with a much broader spectrum of the local population and I am yet to meet someone that is not friendly…

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Southern hospitality at it’s finest. Unfortunately in FL where I live, there are many damn Yankees, which are Northerners that have decided to stay, much like myself.

Welcome to the South!

Can you say who (what company) convinced you to move?

@ ianlee74 - I work for a company called Total System Services (TSYS), I was working in the international division and now I am moving over to the North American division. The company is headquartered here in Columbus GA.