Conflict if Spider tries to use WiFi-RS21 and Ethernet_J11D modules

This may be obvious to many but maybe not everyone. WiFi and Ethernet do not get along at all!

I posted some code on Codeshare ‘Windows Form with browser control - Having fun with WiFi RS21’

I wanted to include a warning that the WiFi code in my application will fail if you try to attach a ethernet module.

I tried to add the image attached here to my post but I could not find a way to add it.

Sorry if this is the improper place to put this post

You should be able to add images to your post, can’t you?

MF only supports one IP interface.


I have tried to modify text, add image etc by using Modify. I can change text, Add a image (upload) in the existing post.
However, there are only two buttons at the bottom. Modify Entry and Cancel. In my opinion there needs to be a 'SAVE changes" button.

Cancel takes you back where you started and you loose all the changes made.
Modify Entry takes you back to where you started (Like cancel) and you loose your change.

Granted, I’m not the brightest bulb on the holidy tree but… I cannot find a way to do it.


Yes I know that but I found out the hard way some time back.
I thought I should but the warning in the post for those that do not know get upset because the code did not work.

Looks like there is a bug in codeshare! It is not about adding image at all. I just added your image

Every time I clicked the modify button, the form will say “* Title — 50 character maximum.”

But the problem actually in the name being too long, not too short!

This didn’t work
Windows Form with browser control - Having fun with WiFi RS21

This worked
Windows Form with browser control

I will forward this to our team to fix.


Thanks for looking.

I guess I did not see the title length error.

The title field was increased to 100 characters maximum. We also added an additional alert at the top notifying you of form errors.