Configurable LED on Cerberus

Which port do i have to take, to drive the green “Configurable LED”. Or is this only for internal use?

From the schematics I can see, that the LED is connected to pin PC4. So I tried the following:

static OutputPort greenLED;
greenLED = new OutputPort(FEZCerberus.Pin.PC14, true);

But I get an exception, while executing that.



private static Cpu.Pin DebugLedPin = GHI.OSHW.Hardware.FEZCerberus.Pin.PC4;
private static  OutputPort debugled = new OutputPort(DebugLedPin, false);

public static void Main()

*Edit - this is for Vanilla NETMF not Gadgeteer

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You can’t use IO number if you are using Gadgeteer project, because Mainboard has reserved that pin and you can only use it as Justin specified in his first reply. On plain Net MF you can use IO number.

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Thank you guys! I’ve just thought too much about the schematics.
Now it’s working.
Which port on the sockets could i use to drive an external LED?

You’re right, PC4 was meant by me.

Have a look at this chart
Any GPIO will work - Pin3 is a good bet :wink:

Nice Chart. The output-voltage will be 3v3?

@ FP - yup