Computer blue screen / reset


We hosted some gadgeteer workshops last week and encountered a problem with 3 or 4 different computers and on more than one occasion.

We have not been able to reproduce the problem. We were running the latest drivers and downloads and the boards were on 4.2 firmware.

The board would stall when it says “the debug target is not in an initialised state…” at which point I would press the reset button, but instead the computer pinged off - sometimes with a blue screen. There was also no option to stop the debug and if you left it there would be a long delay before it finally said failed to deploy. Under the same circumstance pulling the usb out instead of pressing reset caused the same issue.

It seemed like a short to me as I’ve experienced this before but don’t see how this would be possible.

Has anyone experienced or covered this problem in more detail before and is there a solution?


This is a known problem. This should help GHI Electronics – Where Hardware Meets Software

It’s a problem with 4.2 and the legacey USB drivers.
If you reset will in the state you described then usualy a Bsod will happen.
This is basicallly fixed if you change the USB drivers to the newer winusb driver.
There are lots of threads on here about this.
You can stop the build if it stalls by going, build, canel.

@ Gus - geepers, you lot really need to go to bed!!!

Great - thanks for the quick response. I’ll update the drivers and see if that helps.

If the attatching of the debugger stalls to the point you know it will fail soon, you should be able to go to the menu and hit Build → Cancel. I know this seems like it was only meant for the build process, but it also stops the deployment process.

@ shapingstuff, please be aware that the WinUSB driver doesn’t work with the Hydra.