Completing the NETMF 4.2 SDK and moving towards NETMF 4.3!

For all our NETMF and Gadgeteer customers, since the previous release of our NETMF 4.2 SDK package about three months ago, we have not seen any major issues. So lets start by saying thank you to our community for all of the feedback and support that has helped us bring the 4.2 SDK to a very stable stage.

While the software is complete, we did not stop! The past three months were spent on a lot of planning and tweaking for the coming 4.3 SDK. We want to make sure that the move to 4.3 will be very smooth and efficient, releases will be as stable as possible from the very first beta release.

So what changed in this release?
[ol]Glide is now part of the SDK package.
All gadgeteer modules now ship with 4.2 and 4.3 drivers. This allows users to use the modules today on any hardware running NETMF 4.3, such as any community releases and on the Mountaineer family of boards. This is also our first step towards the NETMF 4.3 SDK.
Numerous minor firmware improvements, mainly on the G400. [/ol]

What to come in few weeks? (as far as NETMF and Gadgeteer)
[ol]NETMF 4.3 firmware for all existing hardware.
Restructuring and merging the premium and open source offers. We have learned a lot from your feedback that we are planning on incorporating as we go.
Adding PPP support.
Reworking the CAN drivers.[/ol]

The SDK is available now on the support page,
All packages can be found at

As always, we thank you for your support and look forward to hearing your feedback.


Can you please elaborate more on the following item:

@ Architect - no final plans just yet but the goal is to keep the openness we have but also concentrate on quality and feature set.


It’s fantastic! PPP !!! GHI I love you !!! :clap: :dance:

Any word on when those Low Power modes are coming? Especially on the G120

@ hagster - yes these are on the list as well.

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Exciting !

Waiting to see what 2014 brings for NETMF.

Oh finally! Please, please make them truly .NET’ish…

I’m now looking at “known-issues” list… A look what I find:

That’s such an easy fix! It is probably faster to fix it than to add a line to “known-issues” list. As a programmer, I’m now getting curious of the reason it was left unfixed…

I have to agree. I’ve actually been waiting the last 3 months for a new update. Unless I missed some fixes. I recall scrapping projects because having the touch screen enabled caused UART to randomly drop bytes. The return of premium ability to suppress debug messages doesn’t actually remove startup messages from the LCD. And the supplied firmware for several modules (including Music) not working properly.

Again, I have been busy and could have missed something, but I’d hate to see 4.2 called complete if there’s still glaring issues that stop active development.

Can someone explain to me please why I should migrate to 4.3. Is there any good reason to bother with upgrading all mainboards with new version.
(I don’t use G400.)

@ Simon from Vilnius - because it breaks backwards compatibility and should be done on a major release, this coming one.

SQLite on Cerb???

… hey, I can dream, right? :whistle:

Yes, please tell us more about what re-work means!! Native PGNID filtering on the hardware?? (This is my dream…)

Can someone confirm that this is going to mean that there is a good chance that the cellular drivers can reach a decent maturity level with tcp/ip networking…?

I love this stuff and while 4.2 was a nice improvement over 4.1, I’m very much looking forward to moving onto 4.3 as its been like forbidden fruit for a while now, being out there, but unobtainable. It will be good for the community to get onto 4.3 as really pushing Microsoft to do more with NetMF didn’t really make any sense given we are a point release behind, but its like that scene from Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl:

Mr. Gibbs: We should drop canvas, sir.
Jack Sparrow: She can hold a bit longer.
Mr. Gibbs: What’s in your head, Captain, that puts you in such a fine mood?
Jack Sparrow: We’re catching up.

Captain Jack Sparrow should have been wearing a Fez when he said that.

@ Duke Nukem - I think you will be very pleased. I just saw G400 run 4.3 with all GHI libraries and was told it is only missing networking and then we will be ready for the new changes.

So, my theory of 4.3 coming rather quickly is not crazy after all :slight_smile: now I am sure the team would like to tweak few things so I would give them few extra weeks…

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Networking was one of the big pain points in 4.2, how’s it looking in 4.3?

@ godefroi - that is because we switched the networking stack completely then but this is no longer the case

@ Gus - Yes, I know WHY, I’m just wondering if things have been nailed down since then.