Completely pointless but 16m colours :)

As the title suggests - it has no point in life but it can display 16,777,216 colours so it must be good :smiley:

Here is the first module from the DiscoInferno range.

6 x 24 bit addressable RGB LED’s
S socket, chain-able

Revision 1.1 will be slightly bigger at 42x42mm and have the option of using either S or Y socket

- YouTube

Well done :slight_smile:

@ Justin Very Cool! Are you selling these and how much mooola ? Also whats the little cover you put over it??

@ HughB - Around a tenna

The cover is a top secret high tech half a ping pong ball :smiley:

Put me down for one if you have any that arent spoken for already chief.
Thats the most innovative use of a ping pong ball ive seen outside of the Far East… ahem!

@ HughB - tehehe - i’ve never been to Thailand…honest…

@ HughB - ping me an email justin dot wilson at eprint dot net

Very nice!

However, you really need to re-do the video and include some Bee Gees music :wink:

@ ianlee74 - Don’t tempt me :smiley:
Will pop a couple in the post for NashMicro…

Sweet! You rock! Feel free to pop in a couple for me also and I’ll shoot you over some $$$.

@ Justin - very nice! I especially like that you have included header pins, I always end up using an extender module to access the pins.

@ taylorza - You must be a legend soldering headers be now :wink:

Congrats at becoming a Hero :slight_smile:

Yep, a newly minted hero :slight_smile:

Thank you.

@ Justin put me down for 4 as I figure I’ll need that many to get me to break out the old white polyester two-button single breasted suit with matching waistcoat; wide jacket lapels and flared trousers. Black with white broken line stripe shirt, single cuff, pointed collar, no necktie. Two tone black and grey lace-up leather brogues with stacked heels. Now if I only had the hair I had back in the 70’s. Do they come with ping pong balls :slight_smile:

I wonder if I got the wife a welder, if that woudl be enough to get some flash dance happening?

Nice module. I could use a couple.

@ Duke Nukem - I’d almost make something bespoke to see that :smiley:

@ Architect - Noted