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Compiler Warning: opcode 'conv.ovf.i' -- overflow will not throw exception


I received this strange warning “opcode ‘conv.ovf.i’ – overflow will not throw exception” in a project that I’m working on. I was only able to find one other mention of this warning in a Google search (, but the user had no answer for it. The warning was pointing to the byte array declaration:

byte[] postData = new byte[contLen];

in the function:

protected byte[] ReceivePostData(HttpListenerRequest request)
     long contLen = request.ContentLength64;

     byte[] postData = new byte[contLen];

     int dataRead = request.InputStream.Read(postData, 0, (int)contLen);
     if (dataRead != 0)
            return postData;

After looking at the code a little longer, I realized I was casting the long to an int for the


function, I decided to try and cast it at the byte array declaration as well, so the declaration reads:

byte[] postData = new byte[(int)contLen];


This cast eliminated this warning.

I wanted to share this in case anyone else encountered this warning, as it is not immediately obvious what is causing this warning.


Thanks for sharing :wink:


Nice catch.

@ Brady: I hitted reply on Allen Dang’s question before I realised you are the person that should reply to his question, so please do :slight_smile: The fun thing is, Allen Dang works (or worked) at microsoft when he was asking that question.


It would seem that


is only able to read in a buffer lenth up to an ‘int’ in size. If that is the case there is no reason to declare contlen as a ‘long’ as that just seems to confuse the matter. What not try this:

int contLen = (int)request.ContentLength64;

(and get rid of your other casts)

That way your intent is clear and you won’t accidnetly try and use ‘contLen’ as a ‘long’ again.

Just a thought…