Compatibility with old systems

Hi, I just received the boards today and I plan to use it one of the new systems that we are prototyping and I have a couple of questions before I select what I will try to run on these boards.

1.- I started running a small prototype in a G120 with TinyCLR 1.0, I would like to use one of the boards to replace the G120, however, can I install TinyCLR 2.0 side to side with TinyCLR 1.0?

2.- We were using the SPI2 channel in the G120 to communicate with SPI devices (and this gave us troubles if an SPI device fails), in the new drop-in replacement for a G120 (and the test boards) will the SPI 2 still be used to communicate internally with the memory to load the SoM program?

No but you can use netmf.

No. SPI is completely free for you to use