Company policies

Until last month the G80s cost € 20 for distribution and now cost € 26.
The price of the older generation had a 30% increase.
You should be able to gradually switch to SITCORE by letting anyone who can work with the present.
SITCORE are only at RC1 and not yet ready for production … but sold for € 20 the G80 old price.
I’m baffled.

I’m not a GHI representative, but I’m a regular user/supporter of them, and while it might seem a significant change, I don’t see it that way.
For some time the G80 has no longer been an “active” product, but deemed “mature”. One of the reasons for this is clearly GHI have moved on from these NetMF processors, and while they have a clear longevity policy they also want to make sure that they offer relevant products for the evolved market we now see, where network and security requirements are paramount. There’s also a chance that the underlying processor is becoming harder to procure, but certainly the company resources would only go back to produce more “mature” products on special runs, not on a regular basis as they would have been when they were active. That means that the cost of the released product has to increase.

Thanks Brett and to add, there was no increase since day one. While our cost has gone up, we have decided to absorb the higher cost and not increase our prices but now it is time to move on and shift our focus to SITCore.

I am speaking about the entire product family, not just G80. Please note that the price will go up again on old products while we slowly wind production down. It is not a secret that the fewer we produce the higher the cost.

SITCore is the future for many reasons, not just the price.

Still @coccoliso63 if there is anything we can do to help you then please message or call us