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Sorry that I have to do it this way, but I would like to add some comments on this topic:

First: good video. It makes all clear. Make sure you work on the audio quality. It’s pretty low.

Second: what a great demo! I know this project is based on the fez web server, but could you post the solution? (or did I look over it?)

Great job guys, great job. I will talk to several teachers to try and work something out! Bravo :clap:


+1. I suppose one way to keep a product post “clean”, but still allow discussion/questions would be to supply a pre-made link to a forum thread in the post. Would that be redundant or useful in general?


Well, I just put my gift certificate to good use. Panda II, Tinkerers kit, color touch screen and the FEZ connect! Hopefully by the time stuff shows up I’ll have some free time to play with it :slight_smile:


Does anyone know if the FEZ Touch display will work with a Cobra?


FEZ Touch can work with Cobra but requires some wiring.


We changed the rules on the “news” board so now you can reply there instead of making another thread.

Thanks to everyone for the great support


I just tried to reply on the news board and got an error “the topic is locked”.

I am designing a PCB adapter board so I can connect the FEZ Touch to my Cobra board and I have a couple of questions.

  1. On the FEZ Touch PCB are the two 3.3V pins connected to each other? Also are the three GND pins connected to each other? In other words can I connect 3.3V and GND to only one of the corresponing pins on the FEZ Touch connector without connecting to all of them?

  2. Is it correct that the Parallel port pins can be assigned to any GPIO pins on the Cobra?


  1. You only need one pin

  2. Yes any pin can be parallel


Thanks for the reply Gus,

I have one more question. It appears the touch BUSY pin is not used. Is that correct?



Yes correct


@ Synapsys

You may reply to the news now, but it’s probably best to continue here.


Thank you for giving us the ability to respond to your topics, this will help out. If you feel that it is inappropriate if we respond to some topic, feel free to lock it.

Thank you! ;D